• Hiking

    Best Hikes to Catch the Spring Wildflowers

    Spring in Sun Valley, Idaho is full of blossoming wildflowers. We've compiled a list of the best hikes to view the vibrant wildflower blooming throughout the Wood River Valley. 

  • Spring

    Maximizing Shoulder Season in Sun Valley

    Slack season is one of the secret times in Sun Valley. It's a uniquely quiet moment when the crowds are gone, the hills are lush with greenery and the opportunities for spring rejuvenation are calling. We’ve compiled a...

  • Wellness

    Take a Wellness Weekend in Sun Valley

    Wellness is the pursuit of a healthy life, nourishing both mind and body. Call us biased, but there’s no better place to restore a healthy outlook than Sun Valley. Between relaxing spas, invigorating workouts, and simple but delicious meals, ...

  • Biking

    Best Early Season Mountain Bike Rides in Sun Valley

    Five months of snow-induced activities tend to leave one yearning for change. When the temperatures jump in to the 60's here in Sun Valley, an eagerness to mix up the daily routine sweeps the town. This is a biking community after...

  • Family

    How to Enjoy the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve with the Family

    We make an adaption to an old saying around here. Instead of telling folks they need to “stop and smell the flowers,” we tell people they need to “stop and look up at the stars.” Over 1,416-square-miles of Central Idaho, including Ketchum ...

  • Wellness

    Get Your Sweat On

    Your guide to getting your indoor sweat on here in Sun Valley, idaho. 

  • Bucket List

    The Dark Skies of Sun Valley, ID

    The Sun Valley, Idaho area is blessed with small town vibes and a big heart, endless outdoor activities for every season, and some of the best Dark Skies in the entire world. In fact, the skies are so special that the Sun Valley is part of the ...

  • Arts & Culture

    The Streets of Sun Valley: An Unexpected Gallery of Art

    Skiing, sunshine, cowboys and art – yes, art. While Sun Valley, Idaho is a well-known playground for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, it also provides a canvas for budding and renown artists to share creative inspiration and showcase their ...

  • Bucket List

    Sun Valley, Idaho: Your Next Mountain Biking Bucket List Destination

    Bucket list — it’s a term often used to describe mountain biking in Sun Valley. What makes this place deserving of such a lofty moniker? First, there’s literally hundreds of miles of prime Idaho singletrack, and because the valley flies under ...

Dig in to the get-up-and-go stories tucked within the mountain town that is Sun Valley, Idaho.

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