• Hiking

    An Autumnal Weekend in Sun Valley: A Perfect Two-Day Itinerary

    Fall is in the air! While we are sad to see the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, fall is an exceptional time to visit Sun Valley, Idaho – and it means winter is just around the corner. Wood River Valley’s changing seasons are best ...

  • Hiking

    5 of the Best Fall Hikes in Sun Valley

    Fall has officially arrived. The sun soaked aspen and cottonwood leaves have slowly begun to make their way from branch ends to trail floors leaving behind nature's very own yellow brick road. This vibrantly radiating carpet and canopy delivers ...

  • Arts & Culture

    Fall Festivals You Have to See

    From iconic music to herds of sheep running down Main Street, Sun Valley’s festivals are designed to delight your senses. We invite you to experience how we celebrate fall in the mountains. But be careful, you may just find it hard to leave.

  • Biking

    Five Reasons to Love Fall in Sun Valley

    Fall is Sun Valley’s secret season, that perfect time when the crowds have left yet the days are still warm. Here are some of our favorite things about fall in this mountain town.

  • Bucket List

    The Dark Skies of Sun Valley, ID

    The Sun Valley, Idaho area is blessed with small town vibes and a big heart, endless outdoor activities for every season, and some of the best Dark Skies in the entire world. In fact, the skies are so special that the Sun Valley is part of the ...

Dig in to the get-up-and-go stories tucked within the mountain town that is Sun Valley, Idaho.


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