Haute Wrap

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday

Nina Fox, photographer, founder + dreamer of Haute Wrap + Haute Wrap HOME, invites you to visit her newly opened “pop- up” in The Galleria located at 351 Leadville Avenue.

Launched in 2012, Nina designed + introduced photographic gift + home décor accessories to fill a void in a marketplace saturated with graphic prints + illustrations. Haute Wrap produces photographic gift- wrap, decorative pillows, dog beds, candles, glass trays, Spanish Mohair blankets + more.

Nina is best known for her Italian produced scarves in a variety of sizes. Digitally printed on an elegant, plush cashmere blended fabric, each scarf features a unique photographic image, a rich spectrum of colors + soft to the touch. These scarves aren’t just a layering piece or a fashion accessory. They are wearable art.

Haute Wrap + Haute Wrap HOME are available for online viewing @ www. +

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