Breath of the Bear, Eye of the Wolf – A multimedia talk with Buck Wilde

Thu, Apr 11th, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

6:30pm - 8:00pm

April 2019

Limelight Hotel Ketchum

145 Main Street South, Ketchum, Idaho, 83340, United States


A family friendly and fun night for wildlife lovers of any age! Learn about wildlife encounters from a man who has had thousands of them. Discover more about two of North America’s apex predators, and gain valuable knowledge on how to sensibly prepare for possible encounters in our wilderness.

Buck Wilde is a wildlife behaviorist documenting survival strategies of bears and wolves in the Alaska wilderness where a face-to-face encounter can unfold suddenly. When Great Bear Stakeout (BBC Worldwide, Discovery Channel) filmmakers were challenged by a 1,200 pound grizzly they called Van, Buck and his camera crew were able to ‘talk’ the one-eared bruiser into backing off by communicating with a body language cue used among bears. When confronted by wolves, he’s learned the same cue takes on a different meaning in the wild canine psyche and can invite further engagement.

Buck’s next filmmaking adventure, Talking with Bears, Dancing with Wolvesexplores wilderness survival at the top of the food chain to discover what unarmed hunter-gatherers may have learned from canine and ursine foraging strategies and how they negotiated face-to-face encounters with these apex predators.

All proceeds from this presentation will benefit the Idaho Conservation League (ICL). So, please come out and support wildland conservation!

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