Digging Deeper | Ski Mountaineering & Spring Skiing

Wed, Mar 25th, 6:30pm


March 2020

Ski Tek Ketchum

191 Sun Valley Rd W, Ketchum, ID 83340, USA

Sawtooth Avalanche Center
(307) 360-8975

Join Sawtooth Avalanche Center forecasters for this discussion series aimed at sharpening the most important tool in your shed – YOUR BRAIN!

Ski Mountaineering presents a unique set of hazards and challenges. Join Sawtooth Avalanche Center forecaster Ben VandenBos for a discussion of how to identify and manage some of these hazards when you are stepping out into more consequential terrain in the spring – particularly when there isn’t an avalanche forecast available.

Better understand the strengths and limitations of the information in the Avalanche Forecast. This event is free!

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