Friesen Gallery | Nicole Chesney – DEMIROR

Sat, Jul 28th - Fri, Sep 7th

through Fri, Sep 7th

July 2018

Friesen Gallery

320 1st Avenue North, Ketchum, Idaho, 83340, United States

Friesen Gallery

Presently on view at Friesen – this important exhibition, Nicole Chesney | DEMIROR | was scheduled in 2016 and the artist has exclusively worked toward creating the eleven exciting paintings in the exhibit since then.

Chesney uses layers of oil paint on a surface of acid-etched mirrored glass to create a luminous and near hypnotic end-result. Glass, with all its transformative qualities, is a surface onto which Chesney can add, subtract, and move oil paint around; colors are reflected in a way that canvas or paper doesn’t allow for. Seen from one angle, her painting surfaces are matte and brushy, seen from another angle, they are reflective and elusive. The works are not literal depictions of a specific skyscape or landscape, and this is not her aim. Her paintings can appear to be a section of a cloud in close-up, or they can represent a distant sky. In this contradiction, allusion is made to Bachelard’s idea that ‘a space that has lost its horizons draws in on itself.’ Like the vast sky that we look into, and the borderless space of the dream, there is no perspective and there are no moorings in Chesney’s work.

Friesen Gallery is thrilled to announce The Smithsonian American Art Museum’s acquisition of a major painting by Nicole Chesney for their permanent collection last week. Earlier this year, the Boise Art Museum added a Chesney to their collection.

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