“HOPE – Family & Community” – Footlight Dance Company

Tue, Feb 5th - Mon, Feb 11th

through Mon, Feb 11th

February 2019

Various Locations

Footlight Dance Company

Footlight Dance Company, under the Artistic Direction of Hilarie Neely, is proud to

announce our annual school tour performances entitled “HOPE – Family & Community” January 23-February 11, 2019 and invites the public to attend any of eight free shows touring Blaine County Schools. This show uses the concert dance forms of ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop and tap dance for our discussion of Hope and its importance within our families and community. We want these performances to inspire and initiate discussions about recognizing when we need to reconnect, acknowledge anxiety and stress that seems to be woven into the fabric of our culture. We have collaborated with professional batik artist Lisa Kattenbraker from Olympia, Washington. Her images bring vibrant colors from the earth to her images that invoke family, the cycle of life and sharing together past and present to insure our future remains together as one human family. Lisa says about her work, People ask why my figures have no faces: With each new piece, I am trying to work towards:  Creating a scene that explores ideas and stories through the pattern and color and composition.  The pieces are really just the beginning of the story, the first sentence or paragraph maybe.  The people in the scenes are there to continue the story with the viewer.  That faceless face reflects anyone who looks at it – pulling one in to participate in the story.”  


We are presenting this show to all schools in our valley, including the Community School, Hemingway School, Carey School, Alturas Elementary, Hailey Elementary, Bellevue Elementary, WR High School, and Sage, Silver Creek and Syringa students will also attend performances at the WRHS Performing Arts Theater. A narration that accompanies the performances will discuss how the arts bring emotional response and a forum to discuss issues with a creative voice.


                        Our tour of the schools will take us to: WRHS will see the performance at WRHS Performing Arts Theater, Wednesday, January 23, 10:15am; Sage School/Silver Creek HS/Syringa School will see the performance at WRHS Performing Arts Theater, Wednesday, January 30, 9:30am; Community School, Thursday, January 31, 10:15am; Hemingway School, Friday, February 1, 8:45am; Alturas School, Tuesday, February 5, 1:00pm; Bellevue Elementary School, Thursday, February 7, 1:20pm; Hailey Elementary, Friday, February 8, 1:30pm; Carey School, Monday, February 11, 9:30am.  Public is invited to any of the school performances free of charge, if they call the school and request to attend. Performance Wed., January 30 at the WRHS Theater at the Community Campus has plenty of room to attend.

Our company of 15 dancers attend WRHS and Sage School. Seniors Bryn Downey, Isabella Cronin, Abbie Heaphy, Chloe Henderson, Emelia Morgan, Sophia Schoen, Taylor Telford and Laine Whittier will be participating in her final year of performances. Many of our dancers train as athletes taking 5-6 classes per week and in addition to taking Pilates Conditioning classes. They rehearse weekends for five weeks prior to the performances which brings their performance level to pre-professional.  These shows are always a highlight for the Company dancers, as they assume the life of a touring professional, but still keep up their class load at school. It is a wonderful experience to perform for their peers and younger students as they discover dance as an art form with a powerful voice.

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