Kris Gethin’s Exlcusive Health and Fitness Retreat: SEMINAR PASS

Thu, Oct 10th - Sat, Oct 12th

through Sat, Oct 12th

October 2019

Limelight Hotel

151 N Main St, Ketchum, ID 83340, USA

Zenergy Health Club and Spa

At the core of the Kris Gethin Exclusive Health & Fitness Seminar this October 9-13 in Ketchum at the Limelight Hotel and Zenergy Health Club and Spa are six vital seminars, spanning a wide range of cutting-edge topics in the health and fitness sciences.

For just $240, it’s possible to access all SIX morning talks (and attend a group yoga class between each paired talk!)

Seminar schedule:

Thursday, October 10th:
8:00am Kris Gethin “Training & Recovery Enhancement”
10:45am Nick Holt “Controlled Intermittent Fasting”

Friday, October 11th:
8:00am Kris Gethin “Anti-Aging/Biohacking and Ancestral Wisdom”
10:45am Cory Duffy “HRV Training”

Saturday, October 12th:
8:00am Kris Gethin “Hybrid Athleticism”
10:45am Kris Gethin “Nutrition and Supplementation”

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