New Warrior Training Adventure

Fri, Aug 3rd - Sun, Aug 5th

through Sun, Aug 5th

August 2018

Idaho BaseCamp

4921 Trail Creek Rd., Mackay, ID, 83251

ManKind Project

The New Warrior Training Adventure is a singular type of life-affirming event, honoring the best in what men have to offer the planet. We are only able to recognize the powerful brilliance of men because we are willing to look at, and take full responsibility for, the pain we are also capable of creating … and suffering. This is the paradox of modern masculinity, a lesson we are dedicated to learning and teaching.

The New Warrior Training Adventure is a modern male initiation and self-examination. We believe that this is crucial to the development of a healthy and mature male self, no matter how old a man is. It is the ‘hero’s journey’ of classical literature and myth that has nearly disappeared in modern culture. We ask men to stop living vicariously through movies, television, addictions, and distractions and step up into their own adventure – in real time and surrounded by other men.

Since 1985, over 63,000 men have participated in this safe, powerful, and proven training. You will join a select group of men who have taken action to make the most of their lives.

– You’ll experience a level of energy, a quality of masculinity, a deep sense of safety, joy, and laughter, anger and fear, physical challenge, and a connection to life’s mystery that we can’t explain to you, no matter how hard we try.
– You’ll have the opportunity to look with fearless honesty at the life you’ve created, and make profound choices about what you want to keep, what you want to expand, and what you want to let go of.
– You’ll discover your unique connection to manhood, explore a new way of understanding masculinity, and step fully into the man you envision yourself to be.

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