Rebecca’s Private Idaho REIMAGINED

Thu, Sep 3rd - Sun, Sep 6th

through Sun, Sep 6th

3 weeks ago

Various Locations

Rebecca's Private Idaho

Rebecca’s Private Idaho IS ON for 2020! Buckle up, saddle up and wait’ll you see what we have in store for you this time!

With ongoing uncertainty seemingly the only thing we can count on for the foreseeable future, we’ve completely reimagined the RPI format while preserving the original goals:


Instead of the world coming to my own private Idaho this Labor Day weekend, which feels irresponsible and unsafe, you’re all invited to join me on a collective 8-week adventure, from wherever you are, culminating on that weekend with a grand finale ride. I promise this will inspire you, challenge you and allow you to use your bicycle for good–everything that the RPI you’ve always known has been designed to do.

Presenting: Rebecca’s Private Idaho Challenge, a hybrid event that has never been done before. We won’t all be riding in the same place, but we’ll be connected in a far deeper way than any RPI has ever offered.

For 8 weeks leading up to Labor Day weekend, every registered rider will gain intimate access to my network of performance experts. I will immerse you in my world of training, preparation and education. You’ll be pushed beyond existing boundaries while being supported to crush your own personal Private Idaho weekend.  And when race day arrives, you’ll have a global community of riders to be the wind at your back. How do I know this will be great? Because we tested the concept over Memorial Day weekend, and it was a glorious, gratifying success.

The RPI Challenge includes: customized training programs, ride-specific nutrition plans, deep dives into my gear, best practices on recovery, motivation tips, ride planning hacks, brain training and tech tools. Four membership levels provide tiered access and four different ride challenges make this experience customizable for everyone.

We will ride from wherever we are, connect, and elevate our performance all while doing good for the world via the Be Good Foundation. This year, for the first time ever, RPI’s Be Good Fundraising will support programs on a local, national and global level that foster diversity, equity and inclusion in the cycling industry.

Stay tuned for the July 1st full launch of the 2020 RPI Challenge.  At that time you may choose to join this year’s reimagined adventure, defer your RPI registration to 2021, donate your registration to The Be Good Foundation, or request a full refund. All RPI Challenge programming and training begins July 13. I promise, you don’t want to miss this.

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