St. Terrible + Cloudest Speaker

Sat, Aug 17th, 9:00pm


August 2019

The Boho Lounge

131 Washington Ave, Ketchum, ID 83340, USA

The Boho Lounge
(208) 726-6843

Join us for an intimate musical evening with local artists St. Terrible + Cloudest Speaker.

ST. TERRIBLE is a musician and performance artist whose work focuses on the rougher edges of the human experience. Combining emotion instrumentation, improvisation, and forms of dance/performance art, he creates experiences that range from the bizarre to the beautiful.

CLOUDEST SPEAKER is the electronic production alias of Jens Peterson. These original compositions have been crafted over time for the listener to cruise along to and enjoy the space inside their head. Mellow, yet dreamy soundscapes are rooted in a potent beat that carries the audience. Cloud waves for the listener.

Doors at 8:30pm
This is an ALL AGES show.

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