Sun Valley Forum Summer Series: Wellbeing and Our Food System

Tue, Jul 28th, 11:00am - 5:00pm

11:00am - 5:00pm

July 2020

Since 2015, the Forum has brought together global leaders and innovators, trailblazers and changemakers to address and take action on the most urgent issues facing our times. COVID-19 is that issue. Our goal is to make the 2020 Sun Valley Forum a platform for immediate action and long-term vision for more resilient communities and economies. The 2020 Sun Valley Forum will help to unlock the solutions we need right now.

The Forum is global in vision, participation and impact, but a community with a local heart. We are looking forward to continuing to come together, whether in Sun Valley or online, to accelerate solutions that make our homeplaces more resilient, and create models for global resilience. The Forum has always included local solutions as key to global change. This year, we are expanding and deepening that commitment. This current challenge is an opportunity; to make a bigger impact, mobilize more capital and work on the projects that our community and communities around the globe need right now.

July 28 – Wellbeing and Our Food System
July 30 – Rebalancing the Human Relationship with Nature

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