Women’s Backpacking Retreat

Wed, Jun 19th - Mon, Jun 24th

through Mon, Jun 24th

June 2019

Sawtooth Mountains

And She's Dope Too

This Idaho backpacking retreat leads you to the heart of the Sawtooth Mountains located near Stanley, Idaho. You’ll find high elevation passes, alpine basins, and meadows covered with wildflowers. The rugged mountain spires towering above pristine lakes will awe you during the day, and a sky full of dazzling stars will lie overhead each night. We’ll be swimming in alpine lakes, gliding down river rock slides, crossing streams, and creating memories in a pristine, secluded area. Participants must be physically capable of carrying a 30 to 40 pound backpack while hiking 5 to 10 miles each day. On the last day of the retreat, guests will enjoy soothing their sore muscles in a private, natural geothermal hot spring overlooking the mountain range they just spent the past four days in. We are partnered with the skilled and well-rounded Sawtooth Mountain Guides at this beautiful location.

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