Yesterday’s Future – Photographs by Maria Svarbova

Sat, Aug 1st

All Day

4 days ago

Gilman Contemporary

661 Sun Valley Rd, Sun Valley, ID 83353, USA

Gilman Contemporary

(Sun Valley, Idaho—July 2020) Gilman Contemporary presents Maria Svarbova-Yesterday’s Future. The exhibition will feature photographs from Slovakian artist Maria Svarbova’s Swimming Pool series and will include work from the more recent Lost in the Valley. On view June 15- July 30.

Renowned for her Swimming Pool series, which launched in 2014 and continued through 2018, Svarbova’s aesthetic has become instantly recognizable. Her style departs from traditional portraiture and focuses on experimentation with space, color, and atmosphere. Taking an interest in Socialist era architecture and public spaces, Maria transforms each scene with a modern freshness that highlights the depth and range of her creative palette.
Moving beyond the swimming pool, Svarbova continued to apply her signature style to other locales. She released Lost in the Valley in 2018, where carefully composed figures continue to create thematic, dream-like scenes, but this time in Death Valley. Regardless of the location, each image holds a silent tension that is modern and fresh.

In 2018 Svarbova was recognized as a Hasselblad Master. Her work has been featured in publications ranging from CNN and The Guardian to Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.
Svarbova has published two books, Futuro Retro 2019 and Swimming Pool 2016, now on its second printing.

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