COVID-19 Related Air Travel Recommendations

  • Avoid traveling if you're feeling sick.
  • Be on time. It is recommended that you arrive 2hrs early but no less that 90 minutes.
  • Wear your mask.
  • Wash/sanitize your hands regularly.
  • Be patient and kind : )

Getting To Sun Valley

Discover current flights and transportation into and around the  area to help you plan your travel to Sun Valley, Idaho. We may seem like a remote vacation destination but getting here is easier than you might think. Yes, we do have an airport only 12 miles from Ketchum & Sun Valley. Boise, the capital of Idaho, is the biggest airport in the state and is a mere 2.5 hour drive. Boise is typically offers the most affordable flights and routing when not flying directly in to Sun Valley. Twin Falls & Idaho Falls are also great options.

Driving is certainly a great alternative for getting to Sun Valley. The roads are typically well-maintained with relatively flat, straight stretches. Keep scrolling to dig deeper on how to get to Sun Valley, Idaho; the Original Mountain Town.

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Nonstop from Seattle (SEA)

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Nonstop from San Francisco (SFO) | Los Angeles (LAX) | Denver (DEN) | Chicago (ORD)

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Winter Nonstop Flights

The Sun Valley Friedman Memorial Airport has nonstop flights from 6 major cities for the 2021-2022 winter season.

New in 2020, the Federal Aviation Administration approved of a new instrument approach procedure for the Friedman Memorial Airport that has been implemented. The new predetermined maneuvers allows pilots to make precise landings in low-visibility conditions.

Snow is what winter in Sun Valley is all about, and we love it getting lots of it. But occasionally, extreme winter weather will affect flights into and out of our airport (SUN). If that happens, don’t worry, we’ll get you were you need to go! Our community has a unique, complimentary diversion busing program in place that allows passengers to arrive and/or depart from an alternative nearby airport on the same schedule. If you are traveling by air to SUN this winter, please make sure you are informed about the diversion busing procedures here for your airline, just in case.

What to Expect At Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN)
  • Masks are required.
  • Check with your air carrier for details on in-flight protocols.
  • Weather diversions can happen here in Sun Valley. Pay close attention to messaging from your air carrier. In most instances, every effort to get you out the same day will be made. Most commonly, you will be bussed to Twin Falls or Boise to continue with your service.
  • Passengers are advised to arrive at the Airport at least 2 hours is in advance to departure, especially during bad weather.
  • Using the Airlines name and Flight numbers from the flight schedule you can check the flight status at This site is not affiliated with Friedman Memorial Airport and we cannot be responsible for any inaccuracy in the information provided on this site.
Winter 2021-2022 Flight Schedule
San Francisco, CA | SFO
  • United Airlines flies nonstop from SFO to SUN through most of the winter season.
  • December 16 - March 26: Daily
  • Nearby airports to consider: SFO (nonstop to SUN*)
  • Oakland (30min drive) & San Jose (1hr drive) Oakland travelers should consider flying to Boise on Southwest Airlines
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Salt Lake City, UT | SLC
  • Delta flies nonstop 3 to 4 times daily from SLC to SUN.
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Los Angeles, CA | LAX
  • United Airlines and Delta fly nonstop from LAX to SUN for most of the winter season.
  • United: December 16 - April 3 = Daily
  • Delta: December 18 - January 4 = Daily
  • Nearby airports: LAX (nonstop to SUN*), Hollywood Burbank (30min drive), Long Beach (30min drive), John Wayne (1hr drive) & Ontario (1hr drive)
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Chicago, IL | ORD
  • United Airlines and Delta fly nonstop from ORD to SUN for most of the winter season.
  • December 16 - January 3 = Daily
  • January 8 - February 27 = Saturday & Sundays
  • March 4 - 26 = Daily
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Seattle, WA | SEA
  • Alaska Airlines flies nonstop daily from SEA to SUN for most of the season.
  • October 3 - December 12 = Sunday & Thursdays
  • December 16 - March 16 = Daily
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Denver, CO | DEN
  • United Airlines flies nonstop daily from DEN to SUN 2-3 times for most of the winter season.
  • October 1 - April 3 = Daily
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Driving to Sun Valley

Traveling to Sun Valley by car is popular amogst visitors and residents alike due to the typically friendly road conditions and relative ease of navigating. Flying in to Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls and even Salt Lake City are great alternatives to flying directly in the Sun Valley.

Drive from Boise

  • Fly directly into Boise (BOI), roughly 150 miles southwest of Sun Valley and make the scenic 2 hour & 45 min drive up to the area.
  • Daily shuttles from Boise are available on the Sun Valley Express (twice daily)
Boise to Sun Valley Directions
Sun Valley Express Shuttle

Drive from Twin Falls

  • Fly into Twin Falls Airport (TWF), 90 miles south of Sun Valley and cruise the hour and a half hr drive up.
  • Take the Salt Lake Express non-stop from Twin Falls to Sun Valley & Ketchum
Idaho Falls to Sun Valley directions
Salt Lake Express

Drive from Idaho Falls

  • Fly into Idaho Falls (IDA), 150 miles east of Sun Valley and coast 2 and a half hour drive with a portion of your trip through the lava fields of Crater's of the Moon National Park.

Idaho Falls to Sun Valley directions

Road Tripping Stories

Sun Valley, Idaho makes for an incredible basecamp to venture outward from via car. Explore the surround waterways, mountain ranges and hidden treasures erupting from every direction you turn. Below are a couple of stories to inspire your next day or overnight road trip.

The open road is calling. Get a taste of the true beauty that Idaho has to offer with this incredibly scenic loop through the central part of the state.

Central Idaho Road Trip

Hit the road with these top summer day trips with our five favorite drive-to destinations from Sun Valley.

Top 5 Day Trips Out of Sun Valley

Getting Around Sun Valley

When you visit Sun Valley, it's a breeze to get around. No need to rent a car; just hop on one of the FREE* and easy Mountain Rides buses that will get you where you need to go around Ketchum, Sun Valley and Hailey. With multiple "Around Town" routes in the Summer and the Winter, it's easy to get to your destination. 

Mountain Rides - Route Shout App


We highly recommend the Route Shout App to get all your necessary bus ride information.

In addition to the bus services, there are a number of rental car options. Taxis, Uber and Lyft rides are a little harder to come by but still an option. For all of the details on navigating the Wood River Valley, click the link below.


Private & Chartered Flights

Atlantic Aviation SUN provides a variety of services including refueling and all aircraft ground services along with crew and rental cars, lodging reservations, a public notary, 24-hour surveillance and security, and on-site aircraft maintenance. 

Air Sun Valley

With home bases in San Francisco, California and Sun Valley, Idaho, their pilots are experts in the unique mission profiles for the Rockies and the Western United States. Air Sun Valley flies the Pilatus PC-12 exclusively, so each time you book, you know exactly what to expect. Whether you’re traveling for business or family adventure, we will get you to your destination quickly, safely and cost effectively in the comfort of the luxurious Pilatus PC-12.

Air Sun Valley

Jackson Jet Center

Jackson Jet Center is a premiere fixed base operator (FBO) with a state-of-the-art facility located in Boise, Idaho that flies across the country. Their line up includes four twin engine aircraft including jet, light jet, turboprop and a single engine Pilatus.

Jackson Jet Center


Aero offers twice-weekly direct flights between private terminals in Sun Valley and LA through the end of Summer 2021, with plans to offer service every year during the Winter and Summer seasons (based on demand). It’s a seamless experience from booking to touchdown.


Travel Tips: Weather Diversions

There's no denying that weather can be a factor when flying in to the Sun Valley airport in the winter. While we rejoice at these opportunities for snow on the ski hills, it can delay your Sun Valley travel plans. Fortunately, our community has a special diversion busing program in place that allows passengers to arrive and/or depart from an alternative nearby airport on the same schedule. If you're flying in to Sun Valley on United or Delta airlines and are diverted, in most cases you will land in Twin Falls, Idaho. This is a mere 75 miles from your original intended destination. If you are flying Alaska airlines, in most cases you will be diverted to Boise which is 140 miles from your original intended destination. The good news is that if you are diverted, the airport has orchestrated a comfortable motorcoach to get you to your final destination free of charge! Grab a beverage, a bite, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. It's way better than being stuck paying for an airport hotel on your own dime.

Sun Valley Weather Diversion Hotlines:

  • Sun Valley Airport | 208-401-9259
  • United | 208-788-4887
  • Alaska | 208-788-1281 prompt #4
  • Delta | 208-788-4887
Weather Related Air Diversions In Sun Valley