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Every good drag race has a Christmas Tree. Sheeptown is a good drag race.     It didn’t seem likely that this event could ever have happened.  The idea was in actuality a creative ruse, nothing was really supposed to come of it.  But minutes after posting a photo of a drawing scrawled on wrinkled paper showing riders towing logs behind bikes in front of hundreds of screaming fans that had flames added to the logs in an attempt to garner more attention, the fire chief had called and demanded more information.  “What was the fire chief doing on my blog during the middle of the day anyway?” I wondered. The Avenue of Sheeptown is littered with charred dreams   Seven years later and the Hailey FD as well as the majority of the Sun Valley area has embraced the Sheeptown Drag Races.  It’s a fairly simple event: fill up a single elimination bracket for head to head drag racing on bikes.  The bikes tow logs.  The logs are soaked in diesel.  It’s free to enter and literally no clear rules exist.  Once you make it to the round of 16 the logs are lit afire and the crowd begins …