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10 Ski Experiences You Can Only Have in Sun Valley

From tailgating in the same parkign lot that Warren Miller used to hang to sharing the half-pipe with a gold medalist there are a variety of unique experiences that Sun Valley offers. Check out our top 10. 

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Summer Day Trip to Stanley

The town of Stanley, Idaho is nicknamed the “Trailhead to Idaho Adventure,” for all all of the right reasons. Boasting a host of awe-inspiring mountain bike trails, splash ready whitewater rapids, high alpine lakes, and jagged mountain views are just a few traits that make this place stand out. It’s close-proximity to Sun Valley makes for an ideal must-see day trip destination. We’ve put together a collection of our top things to do on your trip over the hill.  Sunrise Drive Over Galena Summit Stanley is a quick 60 mile drive north of Sun Valley over Galena Summit with awe-inspiring views the entire ride. I prefer to start the drive just before sunrise to catch the first morning light beaming across the valley from the pull out overlooking Galena Peak. Breakfast at the Stanley Bakery Ask anyone where to eat in Stanley and the answer consistently is the Stanley Bakery. After the sunrise drive into the basin, stop by for a famous cinnamon roll, coffee, and Bear /breakfast Bowl. As your food is prepared, ask the owner Tim about his legendary ski lines in the Sawtooths. He’s one of the few people to have skied “The Shield” of Horstmann Peak. Before making moves …

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7 Things You Might Not Know About Sun Valley, Idaho

Unlike the Aspens, Jacksons, and Vails of the world, Sun Valley, Idaho, nestled between five mountain ranges and far from metropolitan hubs, lays claim to a few unrivaled traditions, firsts, and designations that truly set it apart from the rest. Check these 7 things that you might not know about Sun Valley. 

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Tour de Suds: Sun Valley’s Bike-to-Brewery Tour

Bikes and beers go together like bacon and eggs, Batman and Robin, or hot summer days and ice cream cones. Like most ski town dwellers, Sun Valleyites have a penchant for cold brews, especially after a long, hot bike ride in one of the surrounding five mountain ranges. Sun Valley and the surrounding areas offer a plethora of places to quench a hard-earned thirst with local beers. So grab your bike and make your own Strava segment to and from these thirst-quenching locales. For the ultimate tour de suds, we suggest starting in Ketchum and making your way to Hailey.

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5 Reasons why Sun Valley is Nordic Skiing Nirvana

The toughest thing about writing this post is to keep the list to five! One trip here is all it will take for you to understand our dilemma. In no particular order, here are our top 5 Reasons why Sun Valley is Nordic Skiing Nirvana. 1. The Views! Yup — they are everywhere. Stick close to town and you will have the ever-present view of our beloved Baldy. That is, until you turn and face the other direction–and then you may feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. And chances are, you will have all of this to yourself. 2. The Trails… All 200km of them! Not only do we have 40km of trails right in town, there are another 160km just outside of town. From the undulating trails at the Sun Valley Resort to the up, down and around trails at Galena to the slight inclines of the Harriman trail, just match your trail selection to your energy and mood. Try the aptly named Psycho or Rip and Tear trails at Galena on a high energy day! 3. The Grooming — Every Day! Another thing that sets Sun Valley apart is the impeccable and predictable grooming. Just get …

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Your Guide to Snowmobiling in the Sun Valley, Idaho Area

Karl Malone Powersports HaileyNeed for speed? Craving the sights of jagged snow-capped peaks? Sun Valley sledders do too. With the enormous and vast swath of carefully zoned Forest Service managed backcountry terrain surrounding the area, snowmobilers can enjoy the ranges and rarely see another group of riders. It’s a hidden gem for experienced rippers who can navigate the high elevations yet still memorable for those relegated to the groomed trails. Some folks even strap their skis to the sleds to access deeper and more remote backcountry skiing. The beauty of our riding mecca is ease of access for all ability levels from guided trail rides to technical side-hills through tight trees to deep powder meadows. Sun Valley is a place for sledders to seek out. What we ask in return is that you know where the designated snowmobile access points are and continue to be good stewards to the multi-use resource. photo: Amy David | rider: Jeremy Lato Now that you’re fired up to venture to Sun Valley for some snowmobiling action, we’re going to give you the run-down on the basics for snowmobiling out here in Sun Valley, Idaho. Rentals and Guides photo: Smiley Creek Lodge Smiley Creek Lodge is the Sawtooth Valley …

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Freehub Magazine Bikepacks Through the Sun Valley Backcountry

Freehub Magazine set out to find a bikepacking destination that they could easily fly to and roll out directly in to the path of adventure. Sun Valley was the answer in their quest for the bikepacking grail. Easy airport access, deepwoods exploration, expansive views, hot springs, yurts and tasty singletrack were all rolled up in to one unforgettable experience in the Sawtooth Wilderness. Sit back and re-live what they uncovered.     For the full itinerary and story on this project, head over to Huge thanks to SV Trekking, Galena Lodge, Club Ride, Sturtevant’s and Sawtooth Brewery for support on this adventure! 

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The Dark Skies of Sun Valley, ID

The Sun Valley, Idaho area is blessed with small town vibes and a big heart, endless outdoor activities for every season, and some of the best Dark Skies in the entire world. In fact, the skies are so special that the Sun Valley is part of the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve, which is the only International Dark Sky Reserve in America! Come see what makes this place so special. 

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Mountain Collective Road Trip

  Ahh, the coveted Mountain Collective Pass, your golden ticket to skiing some of the best resorts in the world, two days at a time for one mighty reasonable rate. The perks associated with the $409* price tag should make pulling the credit card out easier than grabbing the first round of après drinks. The only buyer’s remorse that might be associated with the purchase is figuring out which ski hill to hit first. With ten top-rated destinations spread throughout North America and another four scattered around various other reaches of the world, pinpointing stop #1 can be a daunting task. Not to worry though, we’ve laid out the perfect Mountain Collective road trip that will drop you into a diverse range of jaw-dropping, close-proximity terrain while at the same time giving you the best bang for your buck. Tucked in the heart of the intermountain west lies a primo trifecta of adjacent ski resorts worthy of being at the top or your Mountain Collective checklist. Snowbird/Alta, Snowbasin, Sun Valley, and Jackson Hole are chock-full of credentials, including big vertical descents, diverse terrain, and heaps of snow. To top it off, these mountains all sit within a five hour or less drive from one another (1hr flight if driving isn’t your thing) making them prime real-estate for a Mountain Collective road trip. Here’s how to tackle these …

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Everything You Need to Know for the 2017 Solar Eclipse in Sun Valley, Idaho

Where will you be on Monday, August 21, 2017? If it’s not Sun Valley, you’d better start making plans. Trust me, Sun Valley is exactly where you’ll want to be. August 21, 2017 brings the first total solar eclipse to North America in over 38 years, making it more rare than the coveted snowfall of a Pineapple Express. Everything has to be perfect, with the sun, moon and Earth lined up just so.