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Locals Guide to Driving & Parking around Sun Valley

Chief Deputy for the Blaine County Sheriff’s Department, Will Fruehling, has been patrolling the streets of the Wood River Valley for over 20 years. Since starting his career as a patrol officer for the Ketchum Police Department in 1995, Fruehling has been a patrol deputy, a Sergeant, Investigator for the Idaho Department of Corrections, and was appointed to his current position in 2017 by Sheriff Harkins. As a local and a police officer, Fruehling has seen plenty of visitors come and go over the years and through the seasons. So we asked him some tips on driving and parking, what his driving pet peeves are, and Fruehling settles the Miscellany II debate between left-lane drivers and right-lane once and for all. What tips do you have for visitors who haven’t driven in snow before? Will: “Obviously, the first thing is for people to slow down when the road’s covered in snow or when the road is slick. You see these people who wiz by and then you see them right in front of you at the next stoplight in town and you’re like, they made it at the same time that I did, but they went too fast for these …

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Most Instagrammable places in Sun Valley, Idaho

If you have ever visited the Sun Valley area, chances are there is at least one image of our breathtaking locale in your Instagram feed. Or maybe you haven’t visited yet but hashtags like #seeksunvalley on our @visitsunvalley page have caught your attention and have drawn you into exploring this amazing place. Whether you are a seasoned visitor or a first timer, we complied a list of the must see places in and around Sun Valley to fill your Instagram feed with the best there is to offer. The Sun Valley Barn An icon of Sun Valley, many a photo has been taken in front of this barn and numerous reproductions of it in paintings and memorabilia have been made over the years. Located on Sun Valley Road between Ketchum and Sun Valley, the red barn is hard to miss. Built in the early 1880s, its thought that this barn used to service ore wagons that traveled Trail Creek Road. Speaking of, swing by the Ore Wagon Museum for some more history and to grab a few grams there too. Across Sun Valley Road from the barn is a stop many make to photograph the beautiful horses that are occasionally …

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20 Things to Know Before You go Camping or RVing

Camping or RVing is a great way to experience the Sun Valley area, but there are some things to know to not only enjoy your time but to also respect mother nature and keep access open for all of us. Before You Go Have the proper gear Have a plan Get the necessary permits Know the weather Before you leave, notify a responsible person of your planned route of travel, time of departure and return. Be sure to check with that person when you return Where to Go There are tons of options for campsites around Sun Valley. Whether that is dispersed sites or reserved campground slots there is something for everyone. Reservations Designated Camping Zones Stay limits usually range from 6-16 nights so be sure to check Campfires The Sun Valley area knows a thing or two about the power of wildfires. So be sure to keep it contained, monitored, and properly put out. Know the restrictions especially burn bans Where it’s ok to have campfires How to properly put out a fire What NOT to burn – plastics, cans, trash Leave No Trace “Take only photos, leave only footprints” “Bathroom Activities”: At least 150 ft from any water …

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How Well do You Know Your Mountains?

Mountain ranges around Sun Valley: Although many people proclaim that “The Sawtooths are simply breathtaking!” and they aren’t wrong about that, chances are they are not looking at the Sawtooths. Although much of the mountains surrounding Sun Valley are within the Sawtooth National Forest, it is actually impossible to see the Sawtooths from the valley. Sun Valley is actually surrounded by five distinct mountain ranges so we compiled some helpful info so that the next time your talking peaks, you sound like a local. Pioneer Mountains The great Pioneers! Idaho’s second tallest mountain range and the beautiful skyline viewed from most of the ski runs. The Pioneers rise to the east out of the valley with foothills mostly blocking the view from town, but making it more rewarding to hike into Pioneer Cabin. The range is bounded on the west by the Big Wood River, by Trail Creek, Summit Creek, and the North Fork Big Lost River on the north, and by the East Fork Big Lost River, Saint Louis Canyon, Champagne Creek, and the Cherry Creeks on the east, and on the south by the Snake River Plain. Hyndman Peak is the ninth tallest peak in Idaho earning it the last slot on …

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What We’re Made Of – The Sun Valley Wellness Festival

In 1997, a group of wellness-minded community members in Sun Valley decided to host a small event over Memorial Day weekend. Since then, the annual Sun Valley Wellness Festival and Conference (SVWFC) has grown into a major event as well as the longest-running wellness festival in the world. Each year’s festival and conference draws roughly 1,500 people to the see speakers such as Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, and Arianna Huffington, and to the festival portion which includes movement classes, vendors, and the experience park. This year’s 23rd annual event, held August 21-24, will be entirely virtual as a response to the COVID-19 virus and the parameters necessary for social distancing. History After its founding in 1997, the formative team behind the festival started the non-profit arm, the Sun Valley Wellness Institute (SVWI) in 2005. The festival is now run by the institute as well as a Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and current Executive Director Andria Friesen. Over the years, the date of the SVWFC has changed from taking place during the slack month of May to a busy summer event. Its location has varied over the years too, from the first year in the lobby of the Elkhorn Resort …

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5 Ways to Avoid the Crowds in Sun Valley this Summer

Have the trails seemed busier? Are you looking to get away from the crowds? Maybe you want to spice things up and explore new territory. While hiking, mountain biking, and camping are all extremely popular activities we have some less trafficked destinations that are hiding right under your nose as well as some other activities to check out. We’ve compiled 5 ways to avoid the crowds in Sun Valley. Your perfect Idaho summer vacation starts here. Hike Dollar Mountain This winter center piece is often forgotten during the summer months and is great if you don’t like traffic on the trails. It’s central location in the valley offers up some great views as well as a different perspective on the area especially during sunset. From the parking lot at the base, head up a gravel road that crosses under Half-Dollar lift. After a bit this road will stop climbing and you can either climb up the more aggressive Dragon’s Back ridge or a more mellow route traversing east towards and up Sepp’s Bowl. There are trails crisscrossing all over Dollar which creates the possibility to hike a different route each time. Disc-Golf Out Warm Springs Arguably the rowdiest of disc …

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8 places to Catch Up on Work in Sun Valley, Idaho

In our hyper-connected world, it’s hard to unplug. While we hope that getting away from it all is exactly what you do on your next trip to Sun Valley, Idaho, sometimes other responsibilities beckon. If that happens, we’ve got you covered. Check out these five places to catch up on work so you can get back to enjoying your vacation

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Golfing Around Sun Valley, Idaho

“This is not all about golf,” is inscribed in a stone marker at the 5th tee box of Sun Valley Resort’s White Clouds golf course, words spoken by the Resort’s owner to commemorate his vision when he dedicated the parcel of land for the golf course. While the Sun Valley area is certainly not all about golf, it’s certainly holding its own in the department with three Sun Valley golf courses—Trail Creek, White Clouds, and Elkhorn—as well as Bigwood and The Valley Club courses. Read on to learn about which style of course will suit your fancy and which clubs have the best afternoon drinks and bites to soak up rays after hitting the links. Sun Valley Resort The Sun Valley Resort is home to three golf courses, each with their own terrain and appeal. Combined, these three courses offer up a total of 45 holes with two driving ranges and putting practice putting opportunities. Sun Valley golf was most recently recognized by Golf Digest as one of the Best Courses in the PNW. Trail Creek The Trail Creek golf course is located at the Sun Valley Club House and is the resort’s signature course. The 18-hole course was designed by Robert …

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How to Enjoy the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve with the Family

We make an adaption to an old saying around here. Instead of telling folks they need to “stop and smell the flowers,” we tell people they need to “stop and look up at the stars.” Over 1,416-square-miles of Central Idaho, including Ketchum and Sun Valley, are designated as an official Dark Sky Reserve. The first in the nation and one of just 12 worldwide, our region was selected for its pristine night sky and our efforts to limit light pollution. I often tell friends, family and even random people I meet around the valley visiting here for the first time, that star gazing is a “Must Do” in Sun Valley. It just seems like there are more stars above our skies than there are anywhere else in the world. On a clear night it makes the universe look endless and is downright awe inspiring. So spectacular, The Washington Post used “enveloped in a blaze of light among the flaming stars” in their piece “At the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve, socially distanced stargazing“ Since star gazing is good here every season of the year, here’s are some tips for making the most out of the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve. …

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Guide to White Water Rafting Near Sun Valley

Rafting on any of the numerous sections of rivers surrounding the Sun Valley area can be the experience of a lifetime. Taking in the beauty of Idaho from the swirling waters of its beautiful rivers is truly a unique experience to our area. While for many, a white water rafting trip is synonymous with a multi-day trip, complete with nights around the campfire and food fresh from the Dutch-oven, there are plenty of half- and full-day rafting opportunities in the Sun Valley area. Half- and Full-Day Trips White Cloud Rafting Adventures Offering half- and full-day trips on various sections of the Main Salmon River, White Cloud Rafting Adventures offers trips for a span of abilities in both kayak and rafts. Their most popular covers Class II and III rapids in raft or kayak and lasts four hours and departs at 10am, noon, and 2pm from north of Sun Valley at the Elk Creek launch site, making this truly just a short day trip for those in the Sun Valley area. Take in scenery and learn about local wildlife and be back in time for dinner. The scenic trip is a calmer pace with one of the company’s friendly guides maneuvering …