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A Dozen Family Fun Activities for the Winter

It’s school vacation time and you’re lucky enough to be in—or at least a short, scenic drive away from—Sun Valley.  So what do you next? Pretty much whatever you want. This is America’s original ski resort, for crying out loud! Crying is just about the only thing that we don’t really allow around this fun-filled place, unless, of course, they’re tears of joy. To help make your family time in Sun Valley more joyful, here are a dozen ideas. Go Sledding In our mountainous section of Idaho there are oodles of places to go sledding during the winter months. The popular “Sledding Hill” across from the Sun Valley Stables is usually a good spot, but Sun Valley is literally surrounded with the two main ingredients for great sledding action: hills and snow. There are places to sled from Hailey up to Galena Lodge and lots of local shops sell a variety of sleds.  Sledding also gives you a great excuse to get some hot chocolate afterwards—add some peppermint schnapps and make into a “Ski Lift” for mom and dad. Go Nordic Skiing Nordic or cross-country skiing is a surprisingly enjoyable activity for active families. It’s easy to learn. It’s a great way …

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9 Off Mountain Winter Activities to do in Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley is a mecca for the alpine skier or snowboarder: epic vertical decent, uncrowded trails and brilliant blue skies. But don’t be tricked into thinking the mountain is the only place to spend a winter day. We’ve compiled nine winter activities for a perfect day off the slopes.

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10 Ski Experiences You Can Only Have in Sun Valley

From tailgating in the same parkign lot that Warren Miller used to hang to sharing the half-pipe with a gold medalist there are a variety of unique experiences that Sun Valley offers. Check out our top 10. 

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Kid-Friendly, Adult Approved Winter Activities in Sun Valley

Winter can be a challenging time of year when it comes to entertaining the kids. Sun Valley, Idaho rolls out the red carpet when it comes to delivering kid friendly, adult approved winter activites that will please the whole family. We’ve compiled a list of our must-do’s for the season to take the stress out of the equation. 

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Sun Valley’s Backcountry: A Short Guide to Long Runs

Sun Valley is a gateway to endless, powder-filled backcountry terrain with awe-inspiring views. Accessible by helicopters, hut systems, snowmobiles, and by human powered means, enthusiasts will revel in the area’s expansive mountain ranges. Here is a short guide to making safe and endless turns across the surrounding bowls, peaks, and glades.  

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What We’re Made Of: Snowboard Coach, Screen Printer & Family Man – Andy Gilbert

While many think of skiing and its long history when they think of Sun Valley, snowboarding its own legitimately legendary history in as well. Since the inclusion of snowboarding into the Olympics in 1998, there has been a Sun Valley rider on every Olympic snowboard team. And, playing a huge role in that is Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation (SVSEF) Snowboard Coach Andy Gilbert who has helped guide the careers of snowboarders like Kaitlyn Farrington and Chase Josey as well as all other level of snowboarders in his 25 years as a coach (along with several other amazing coaches and staff at SVSEF over the years, of course!) Despite the caliber of snowboarder he’s worked with and traveling the world over, Gilbert still calls Sun Valley home, a place where his wife and two kids can hit the slopes and he can also work in screen-printing, another passion of his. Since moving to Ketchum in the winter of 1993, Gilbert has been a snowboarding coach, primarily for SVSEF, but also last year as the U.S. National Team Rookie Halfpipe Coach. “Last year, the U.S. team lost their rookie coach right before the season and I was on the short list,” says Gilbert about the …

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What We’re Made Of: Terrain Park Manager – Nate Sheehan

Sun Valley, Idaho, known for its terrain perfect for mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding, hiking, and so much more, is home to all forms of adventure seeker from the weekend warrior to the ski bum living out of his car. Nate Sheehan, Sun Valley Resort’s Terrain Parks Manager, heard the siren call of this mountain town himself and accepted the job four years ago having only been to Sun Valley once in 2009. His love of snowboarding and the mountains as well as hitting the single-track on his mountain bikes in the off-season have instilled in him a love of the Sun Valley area as well as a passion for creating a terrain park on Dollar Mountain that will cull the adventurous spirit in all skill of rider. photo: Tal Roberts // Sun Valley Resort // Rider: Nate Sheehan   Despite only having ridden in Sun Valley once, Nate brought a life time of snowboard and park expertise with him to the job of Terrain Park Manager. Growing up in Fairfield, Pennsylvania, the home of Ski Liberty, Nate was an avid snowboarder and was even competing in the Mid-Atlantic Snowboard series by the time he was in high school and …

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The Wood River is Not Your Typical YMCA

It’s Fun to Visit Our YMCA! Much like everything else in our small mountain town, our local YMCA is not your average gym; it’s not even an average YMCA where typically concrete abounds and people are looking to get in and get out rather than stay a day. The Wood River YMCA is so much more than just a gym, it’s a community center, an activity hub, and a truly integral part of life in the Valley. Whether it’s working out and doing group classes, catching free screenings of movies, giving kids an area for after-school, or learning new gardening skills, the YMCA offers more than just dumbbells and yoga mats.   What They Offer Opened in late 2007, the YMCA has been offering family-friendly workouts, equipment and more for over 10 years in the Valley. The gym itself is open Monday through Friday from 6am-8pm, Saturdays 7am-6pm, and Sundays 10am-6pm. During that time, access to the upstairs gym is always available where you’ll find a mix of cardio machines including elliptical, treadmill, stair master, erg machine, and stationary bikes. Strength training machines are set up for easy transitioning between sets and there is a dedicated space for free weights and benches. …

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Late Night in Sun Valley

Some say that Sun Valley is a sleepy town, but those folks are just the ones who go to bed early. What the area lacks in night clubs and velvet ropes it makes up for in pure, humble fun that keeps going after hours. Take a gander at this list of key locations. Just make sure you eat something before you go out. You know, to fuel the dancing. The Ketchum Crawl A typical evening out starts at Grumpy’s or Lefty’s for “real food,” before diving down Sun Valley Road to The Cellar for evening drinks. Once you’ve imbibed and remembered how good at dancing you are, walk down to Whiskey Jacques. Once the band is done playing and the fat lady has sung, follow her onward to close the night at The Casino, Sun Valley’s legendary dive bar. Whiskey Jacque’s When it comes to lineups and lines out the door, Whiskey’s is a standard favorite for cutting the rug. The classic bar and dance floor has a wild west cowboy flare but is no stranger to strobe lights and regular DJs. Play it safe and dress for an occasion between the two (#discocowboy). Upcoming Events Summer Concert Series When it …

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8 places to Catch Up on Work in Sun Valley, Idaho

In our hyper-connected world, it’s hard to unplug. While we hope that getting away from it all is exactly what you do on your next trip to Sun Valley, Idaho, sometimes other responsibilities beckon. If that happens, we’ve got you covered. Check out these five places to catch up on work so you can get back to enjoying your vacation