Searching for Sun Valley

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Avalanche Country. Predicting a Natural Predator’s Behavior

Sun Valley is in the heart of avalanche country and as more of us venture into the unknown beyond the area boundary, the more important knowing the conditions becomes.  The Sawtooth National Avalanche Center works long hours during winter months to provide the backcountry traveler with a base of knowledge as to what to expect.

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Bowling For Sun Valley, Santa, and Ski Garages

Photos: Josh Wells, Mark Oliver, Tal Roberts, Tim Carter The text came in late at night, intel from reliable sources that the Sun Valley Ski Patrol would be dropping the ropes on the Mayday Bowls.  These are Baldy’s ungroomed in-bounds gems which had beckoned with their untracked spines and counters since the storm had abated.  The line up at the Challenger base represented nearly every ripping skier and snowboarder in the area, some ski-lebrities past and present, and the unaware tourist who was about to get their socks knocked off.  Approaching the summit, the chair became quiet, anticipation cooling the conversation when Tim said, “Remember to take a moment to enjoy the moment boys.” And we pushed off. Untracked and ready to go, The Bowls. photo: Tim Carter   Like ants streaming into the nest, riders poured off the lifts and into the bowls yelping and hooting as they carved perfect turns blasting powder vapors into the crisp morning air. Collin Collins unleashes into Big Easter Bowl. photo: Tal Roberts   Within a few hours Willy Wonka’s Powder Factory had churned out most of its treats for the day.  The working class returned to their tasks with a certain gleam …

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48″ in 72 Hours- Pineapples and Powder Strike Sun Valley.

We all sat transfixed at our computers, televisions, iPhones or other preferred winter weather feed with jaws agape for three long days last week. Productivity was down. Stoke was conservatively up.  Over of 48″ of snow was predicted in the coming 72 hours; something you just don’t expect the first day of December.

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Fine Art & Cheap Wine

Most of the time it’s hard to forget we live in a ski town, but once a month we are invited to indulge and be surrounded by the mad and creative folk of this mountain community. And tonight is my favorite type of Friday night: Gallery Walk–an evening of sipping wine and chatting about art all over town.

Sights and Sounds of the Mountain Wakening

The mountain comes to life around here with a thousand hands lifting and pulling. With the largest automated snowmaking system on the planet and one of the most insane grooming operations in the industry much has to go right in the lead up to the season.  Mother Nature notwithstanding the mountain comes to life to make dreams of 3,300 vertical foot laps a reality.

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First Turns on Baldy

“My job is better than your vacation” says the sticker.  “At either end of the socioeconomic spectrum lies a liesure class,” says a good friend.  It’s true either way and in Sun Valley you find both ends of the spectrum passionate about the same thing: skiing/snowboarding. We all rise in the morning and look out the window, living the dream at the base of a ski mountain.  Visiting this area is an experience in authentic mountain towns. Frequently found shocking to many, real people live here who exude a sense of warmth and  hospitality that keeps people coming back.  All it takes is one visit, and you are hooked. That’s how we all ended up here and we take pride in who we are and where we live, wanting you to appreciate it as much as we do. Sun Valley’s Bald Mountain is predictably ready to rip thanks to its ice-cream headache inducing cold air and a massive snow making system. In a year like last year we had great skiing even with the widespread lack of cooperation from Mother Nature.  This year we have been blessed, conditions are ripening.  Before the mountain opens, the itch needs to be scratched. Prior to work, at lunch and after work every nutcase with a leg to stand on is hiking to ride Baldy’s 3300 vertical. You see this place has addiction problems.  This one is for exercise disguised as recreation.

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Dreams of Yurts and Heli-Drops

Sun Valley offers something pretty unique. It’s one of the very few resorts where you can ski the resort and heli-ski all in the same day. Sun Valley Heli-Ski is right in Sun Valley Resort’s backyard with bumps off the summit available most of the year.