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Outdoor Dining for Summer 2020

Sun Valley has always been known for its access to the outdoors and accessibly to activites. It should come as no surprise when things get challenging we resort to our most abundant resource… the outdoors. Restaurants and bars are now open in the valley but things will be a little different this summer. While many were able to rearrange for distanced dining, they and others are still offering plenty of to-go menu options. But with plenty of sun and fresh air don’t feel like you have to head straight home to eat. Instead we’ve compiled a list of the best places to enjoy your to-go meals around the valley. The Streets No, we are not talking about laying out the picnic blanket in the middle of Sun Valley Road during rush hour. But the City of Ketchum has closed down parts of 4th street between Leadville and Walnut (except cross streets) and has placed tables and umbrellas to expand the already great outdoor space of Town Square. This location is central to tons of great restaurants and is flooded with sun all times of day. Also keep an eye out for tables out on sidewalks and tucked away in nooks cause there will …

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Sun Valley vs. Ketchum… What is the difference?

If you are just beginning your research about the area or maybe you’ve even visited a few times you might be wondering, “What is the difference between Sun Valley and Ketchum?” The short answer to that question is not a whole lot, but there is way more to the story and history of how these two came to be. Ketchum Lets start with Ketchum since it came first in history. Trappers were the first to venture here in 1824. But it wasn’t until the 1870s when prospectors begin to populate the valley in search of fortune. By the early 1880s, Ketchum was not only a booming mining town, but it also was famous for its healing hot springs. The Guyer Hot Springs Resort, located on Warm Springs Road, was popular with people from around the country for its mineral waters, croquet, tennis, and fun. By the end of 1884, Ketchum boasted 13 saloons, four restaurants, two hotels, and all types of businesses necessary for a thriving town. Originally named Leadville the town was renamed after David Ketchum, a trapper, guide, and one of the first permeant residents to set up near what is now modern day Giacobbi Square. The area …

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Sun Valley, Idaho: Your Next Mountain Biking Bucket List Destination

Bucket list — it’s a term often used to describe mountain biking in Sun Valley. What makes this place deserving of such a lofty moniker? First, there’s literally hundreds of miles of prime Idaho singletrack, and because the valley flies under the radar of mainstream mountain bike enthusiasts, there’s not a ton of folks competing for real estate. Heard of the movie Private Idaho? It’s pretty common to feel like you’ve got the place pretty much to yourself. With so many options, where do you start? Well, it’s helpful to size up what kind of riding you’re looking for. Are you the meadow-skipping sort who’s in it for stunning scenery more than white-knuckle descending, or are you rip ready for a rugged, sub-alpine adventure that will leave your legs and arms feeling like a raw tartare you might find on a French menu? Never fear, because we’ve got it all here and can steer you in the right direction.

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Top 5 Day Trips out of Sun Valley

Sun Valley is located perfectly in the center of Idaho allowing for endless drives of exploration. Summer 2020 is looking to be the summer of road-trips. So break out your atlas and roll down the windows because here are some of our favorite drives that are easily tackled within a day. Craters of the Moon National Monument The desolate landscape of never ending black lava flows across the Southern Idaho plain. What might seem like an empty expanse actually holds some of the best exploring around. You can choose to check into the visitors center and learn about the geologic and human history in the area. Take a hike up the fine silt mounds that were once lively volcanos and peer deep into their craters. Unique plant and animal life somehow hold on in such a harsh landscape so be sure to keep and eye out. For those looking for a little more adventure the Craters of the Moon is a spelunkers paradise. Spelunking is the exploration of caves and Craters has miles of lava tubes that are super fun to explore and are a great escape from the desert heat. Be sure to pack a flashlight. Stanley and the …

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Best Hikes to Catch the Blooming Wildflowers

Spring and early summer in Sun Valley, Idaho is full of blossoming wildflowers. We’ve compiled a list of the best hikes to view the vibrant wildflower blooming throughout the Wood River Valley. 

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The Great Central Idaho Road-trip

Idaho has over 30 scenic byways criss-crossing all over and providing access to the Gem State’s grandeur. With gas prices already low and predicted to drop even more heading into this summer we’ve put together the Great Central Idaho Road-trip for you to get out and see some of the best parts of the state. The driving tour loops start in Boise but can be joined at any point and links into cross country routes Interstate 84 and US Highway 20 for fun little detours. Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway – Highway 21 Driving north out of Boise almost immediately is Lucky Peak State Park and Arrow Rock Reservoir with plenty of water sports and relaxing beaches. Be sure to stop in the historic mining town of Idaho City and transport back to the days of the ole west. Stops can be made at many historical markers along the highway and interpretive trails and signs. If you’re looking for a bigger adventure, whitewater rafting on the South Fork of the Payette is some of the funnest and most accessible whitewater in the state. As you pass over into the Sawtooth valley be sure to stop at Stanley Lake for great evening …

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From April 15 until May 25th share your favorite photos from Sun Valley to Instagram and use the tag #SunValleyOnMyMind. At the end of the month we will select some of our favorites and print out a large format to send to the winners. Below are some awesome pictures for inspiration and to feed your daydreams with. If your looking for more Sun Valley be sure to check out our Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and our Daydreaming Blog.

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24hrs in Sun Valley

24hrs in Sun Valley – May – Chris Leman

In this monthly series, we check in with one of our adventurous locals to find out how they would spend a perfect 24hrs in Sun Valley during the month of May. Happy May, friends!  This spring season is not what many of us expected, but luckily, everything we love about Sun Valley is still here. It may look a little different right now, but it’s still here.  Our strong and resilient community, our world-class outdoor recreation and our uncrowded spaces (perfect for social distancing!) are just three of the things that are reminding us how grateful we are for our home in the mountains. Chris Leman, the Wood River Valley Trail Coordinator for the Blaine County Recreation District (BCRD), knows a thing or two about how to enjoy a spring day in Sun Valley. In addition to maintaining a site that every local trail-lover visits daily—the BCRD Summer TraiLink—Chris does trail maintenance and public outreach, works closely with the BLM on trail design, and writes the BCRD Summer Trails blog. If there is something to know about the dirt trails in and around Sun Valley, Chris knows it. So, what does that ideal May day look like for Chris, through the lens …

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A Sun Valley Mother’s Day

In case you forgot, Mother’s day is on May 10th this year. Now more than ever mothers deserve our appreciation whether they are working on the front lines or juggling working from home while also home schooling and being the nightly chef. Mothers are always amazing but lets be sure to make it extra special this year and show our love in some special ways. We have put together some ideas on how to make her Mother’s Day not only special but that remind her of her favorite place utilizing locally sourced gifts and components. Here’s to a Sun Valley Mother’s Day! Homemade Crafts This one is great for all ages as kids get to have a fun project and take pride in creating something with a meaningful message. It is also great for young adults to tap back in to that creative side and give something more than a standard store-bought card. The possibilities for crafts are endless and can range from a Sun Valley themed handcrafted piece of art to an arrangement of succulents. When making some homemade crafts remember to always clean up and put things back where they came from. The last thing you want to …

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Best Early Season Mountain Bike Rides in Sun Valley

Five months of snow-induced activities tend to leave one yearning for change. When the temperatures jump in to the 60’s here in Sun Valley, an eagerness to mix up the daily routine sweeps the town. This is a biking community after all and the first chance to hop on those beautiful two-wheeled mechanical devices is met with open arms. Nevermind the ghostly white legs, extra winter weight, creaking bike parts and dismal Strava times, it’s all about embracing the first glimpse of spring. We’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the best early season mountain bike rides. Get out there and enjoy!