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How to Fall in Love with Fall in Sun Valley: A Bucket List

This is your guide for how to Fall in Love with Fall in Sun Valley, Idaho. From hiking to leaf peeping see why this is the best kept secret season.

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Guide to Leaf Peeping

Your guide to Leaf Peeping in Sun Valley has arrived! Discover stands of aspens crawling up the mountains to hulking cottonwoods along the Big Wood River.

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Test Your Aim: Sport Shooting in Sun Valley

“3, 2, 1, pull,” I say, keeping a keen eye down the barrel of the shotgun. A bright-orange clay disc sails through the early-morning sky, and I gently squeeze the trigger. “You nicked that one!” says Mark Gillespie, a shooting instructor at the Sun Valley Gun Club, after I safely lower the gun. “You’re doing great for a beginner.” His encouragement is welcome, as it’s my first time holding—and shooting—a shotgun. I’ve only been working with Mark for five minutes, and not only am I feeling more comfortable by the second, but I’ve already nicked a target. “Can we try again?” I ask.  Since the early days of Sun Valley Resort, sport shooting has been a part of the recreational attractions of the Sun Valley area. Ernest Hemingway reportedly shot clays off the deck of his Ketchum home, and a sport shooting range was one the original amenities offered when the resort opened in 1936. Sport shooting tests the shooters meddle in metrics such as accuracy, precision, and speed. Lessons and ranges are available for all types of firearms—from shotguns to pistols to rifles—and the sport welcomes experienced and newbie shooters alike. It’s also a popular activity for groups! Ready …

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Late Night Eats in Sun Valley

While the Sun Valley area is synonymous with restaurant options that close early, there are a surprising number of spot do stay open until 10pm or later (especially in the summer) and are happy to take in the late-night foodies. We’ve has compiled a list of places to go for a late night eats for those not accustomed to the early

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Mountain Humane: Not Your Average Animal Shelter

Mountain Humane in Sun Valley, Idaho is not your average animal shelter. This no kill shelter goes well above and beyond merely helping lost and abandoned animals. See what this leader in animal care brings to the community.

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Cozy Up By the Fire: The Best Outdoor Fire Places in Town

No matter the time of year, there’s nothing better than cozying up to an outdoor fire. In a contained environment, there’s something magical about the mesmerizing, heat-providing flames dancing around. While campsites are often the best places to take-in this original caveman television, there are alternative ways to get your fix. There are plenty of Ketchum and Sun Valley establishments with their own outdoor fireplaces for patrons to gather around while enjoying a drink, waiting for a table, or after a long day on the mountain. We’ve compiled a list of the best outdoor fireplaces in town enjoy. The Warfield This restaurant, distillery, and brewery serves up elevated pub fare in its two-story establishment. The first floor is indoor dining (with its own cozy indoor fireplace section) but the second floor is dedicated to its rooftop dining, complete with its own bar and three outdoor fireplaces to gather around pre, during, or after-dinner. Outside Magazineeven described the rooftop bar as “the best spot in town to catch sunsets, especially while enjoying a Toothy Grin British Bitter.” The rooftop operates from roughly May through September, making it a go-to spot for long summer days! Rickshaw A funky neighborhood spot serving Asian fusion, Rickshaw …

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Idaho BaseCamp: An Outdoor-Oriented Learning Oasis

Located halfway between Ketchum and Mackay up Trail Creek is Idaho BaseCamp, an oasis for both children and adults to explore the outdoors through education, workshops, and experiences, all while staying in one of the camp’s funky yurts or camped out in the maze that winds through the riverfront property. Founded in 1998 by Mathew Gershater, Idaho BaseCamp is an educational non-profit specializing in the building of one’s knowledge of environment, community and individual impact upon nature.  In our modern world, connecting to nature has become even more of a priority, something that Gershater and Idaho BaseCamp recognize and seek to remedy through group and individual experiential and academic study. 5thGrade Outdoor Adventure Program      While Idaho BaseCamp is a resource for people of all ages, the camp is particularly dedicated to educating our youth. Their 5th grade outdoor adventure program is free to every 5th grader in the Blaine & Cuter County School to make sure that youth in the area can have a chance to create a connection to Idaho’s wilderness and work on BaseCamp’s core values: personal responsibility, courage, and respect for all. Students spend three days and two nights at BaseCamp, starting the day with morning mindfulness in …

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Arts & Culture

Grab a Seat: Where to Catch a Show in Sun Valley

Over the past few years, the Sun Valley area has burst to life with new and remodeled locations to experience one of the most vibrant cultural calendars in the West.
Here are just a few of the spots to catch your next show or performance in Sun Valley.

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From Farm to Table: Sun Valley’s Freshest Dining

Here in Sun Valley, we are lucky to have innovative community groups, markets, and restaurants that pushed the idea of farm-to-table dining and experiences quickly to the mainstream. Are you ready to know what fresh tastes like? You can find it here.

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Oh, Kale Yeah! It’s Time for the Wood River Farmers Markets

Life rolls at a more relaxed pace in the mountains, and those minutes between when an event is supposed to start, and when it actually starts, is what we like to call “Ketchum-time.” There’s always some wiggle room…which means a little extra time on the trail, or for a lingering lunch with friends. Or, at least, so I thought. Turns out that “Ketchum-time” doesn’t apply at the Wood River Farmers Markets. “You should have been here earlier,” one farmer told me when I looked sadly at an empty bin labeled ‘broccoli.’ “Those sold within the first thirty minutes.” When it comes to supporting local producers—and eating the freshest, tastiest fruits, meats, and vegetables—the people of this Valley don’t mess around. It’s ‘be there or be square,’ and I’ve learned my lesson. Ketchum Farmers Market The Wood River Farmers Markets hold two markets each week through the summer. The first, on Tuesdays from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, is hosted at the River Run Parking Lot on Serenade Lane in Ketchum. Dozens of local vendors set up for four hours and offer locals and visitors the change to purchase locally-grown produce, meats, and dairy products alongside artisan crafts and flowers. Food …