• Hiking

    Best Hikes to Catch the Blooming Wildflowers

    Spring and early summer in Sun Valley, Idaho is full of blossoming wildflowers. We've compiled a list of the best hikes to view the vibrant wildflower blooming throughout the Wood River Valley. 

  • Arts & Culture

    2019 Sun Valley Summer Events

    Summers in Sun Valley, Idaho are full of events. We have your full list of 2019 summer events from music and festivals to arts & culture and outdoor races. 

  • Family

    This is Not Your Typical YMCA

    It's Fun to Visit Our YMCA! Much like everything else in our small mountain town, our local YMCA is not your average gym; it’s not even an average YMCA where typically concrete abounds and people are looking to get in and get out rather ...

  • Biking

    Sun Valley, Idaho: Your Next Mountain Biking Bucket List Destination

    Bucket list — it’s a term often used to describe mountain biking in Sun Valley. What makes this place deserving of such a lofty moniker? First, there’s literally hundreds of miles of prime Idaho singletrack, and because the valley flies under ...

  • Fly Fishing

    Fly Fishing in Sun Valley, ID - The Ultimate Guide

      ASK A TRAVELING FLY FISHER their favorite North American trout destination and they’ll likely spill about drift boating the majesty of Montana’s Big Sky country, wading the tumbling pools of Colorado’s steep freestones, or spey ...

Dig in to the get-up-and-go stories tucked within the mountain town that is Sun Valley, Idaho.

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