Mountain Rides Bikeshare

There’s a new BikeShare program managed by Mountain Rides recently launched in Ketchum.  20 bikes in Ketchum and 20 bikes in Hailey are available to ride 24/7 for anyone who signs up. Look for the white cruisers stationed at various locations throughout town.  The Priority HUBs include Sun Valley Visitor Center/Starbucks on Sun Valley Road, Despo’s at 4th and Washington, and The YMCA on Warm Springs Road.

Reserve, Unlock, Ride and Return the bike to any HUB location throughout town after your done riding. Use the bikes for short term rides to go to Sun Valley, grab a cup of coffee, pick up your mail, have lunch or just go for a ride.  BikeShare is meant for short term errands and lets you leave the car at home. With zero emissions, BikeShare is affordable, fun, good for your health and good for the environment.  It’s easy to use, just sign up on our website at and choose one of several payment plans that suits your needs.

The bikes will be out for the season in early May!

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