Dining & Shopping

The foodie and shopping scene in the valley can be described in one word: eclectic. With over 100 restaurants to choose from, every craving can be satisfied at almost any time of day and at varying elevations.  Dine European-style with fondue during a ski break, transport your senses to Asia for dinner, or delight in your first football-size authentic Idaho potato. Whether you are a dining gourmet or simply a parent with grumpy children, the dining scene in Sun Valley is as vast and varied as your family’s taste buds.

Both the fashionista and the bargain shopper will have plenty of browsing to do while strolling from storefront to storefront. Whether you need a commemorative Sun Valley sweatshirt, a new pair of hiking boots, or a remodel for your new ski chalet, the various stores throughout town are sure to keep your eyes and wallets happy!

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